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ID of customers, service providers, and employees
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ID Authentication

Identify anyone from anywhere. Pangeodata’s ID products assist employers and shared economy organizations with a quick, nonface-to-face, ID validation solution

Pangeodata ID solution:

  1. Scan ID
  2. Valid ID authenticated or fails
  3. Verifies the ID picture matches the face on the ID being presented

Other solutions:

  • Validates the alphanumeric sequence is accurate
  • ID Address Verification looks to link your individual with the address given on application
  • An Adverse Database search matches name and identifiers for adverse information

Solution Specifics:

  • Nonface-to-face authentication
  • For Customers, Service Providers and Employees
  • Requires only a smartphone
  • Real-time
ID Validation

Detect sophisticated counterfeit ID documents which have been tampered with and altered.

Use for Customers, Service Providers & Employees


  1. Scan ID on smartphone
  2. ID biographic information auto-populates your eForm
  3. Presents results of authentication
ID Picture Validation

Accurate Facial Recognition engine compares the headshot on the ID with a selfie of the customer behind the transaction. 

Valid ID Validation

ValidID instantly Validates the alphanumeric format of ANY Government Issued ID Number from around the world, giving you global identity validation through a single integration.

  • instant
  • nonface-to-face
  • auto-populate eForms
Adverse Database Search


Conducts real-time Sanction, PEP, SIP, global watch, and international risk lists checks on customers ID’s. Get notified immediately when the alert is generated.

ID Address Verification

Data Record Searches

A record search varies from online searches of a data source to a physical search at the location in which the record is archived.

Solution Specifics:

  • Customers, Service Providers, and Employees
  • Turnaround time varies based on the type of search, instant to 15 days
  • Depending on the use determines the need for consent
Database Search
Criminal Record Search
Education/Academic Search
Employment Search
Media Search



Business Credit

For both customers and any principals or signatures on the account:

  • Credit references

  • Business credit report

  • Banking references

Drivers License

For certain types of industries an initial verification and then an on-going check of driver license validity and currency  is required. Validate that the driver license is a real driver license document, and validate that the information on the driver license is reflective of the applicant.

Verify & Source Record

The BSA and US Patriot Act requires that financial institutions conduct a higher level of search and verification on customers that pose a high-risk to AML rules, especially if the customer operates under:

  • An offshore banking license
  • A banking license issued by a foreign country designated as non-cooperative with international AML principals and procedures
  • A banking license issued by a foreign country that has been designated by the Secretary of the Treasury as warranting special measures due to money laundering concerns


Criminal Records

Criminal records for hiring decisions vary from country to country.

Searched Criminal Records

Searched criminal records are obtained by an electronic or physical search of criminal records. The United States uses this type of method.

Verified Criminal Records

Some countries require the applicant for employment participate in the background screening process.  The applicant must obtain their own criminal record and have it certified. This record is provided to the employer and pangeodata verifies the record with the issuing authority.

Sourced Criminal Records

Where a criminal record search or verification process is not possible, pangeodata searches for a criminal record through varied sources of in country and global data sources.

Education/Academic Verification

Education background checks vary from country to country.

Education Verification

An education background check in some countries require that the applicant provide their educational credentials on their resume or CV. Based on the method preferred by the educational body or school the academic information verified.

Diploma Verification

Some countries require the applicant participate by providing an official document from the educational institution. Pangeodata authenticates and verifies the validity of the diploma.

Diploma Mills

Diploma Mills are a worldwide problem, there are entities that issue diploma’s for a fee. Pangeodata uses a directory of over 43,000 academic institutions to validate the certification of the educational institutions.

Employment/Occupation Verification

Employment & Professional background checks vary from country to country.

Using the process required by the past employer, pangeodata contacts the organization electronically, by phone, fax, email, or mail.


Our translators are trained on how to conduct an employment verification or professional experience interview.

Global Employer Directory

Pangeodata uses technology to expedite the employment background check by accessing a global employer directory consisting of over 40,000 companies. This expedites your search by electronically searching for the contact information and preferred method of conducting an employment verification or professional experience interview.

Address Verification

Verify that an address is an actual address and not a fake address anywhere in the world. This service can also be used to correct possible errors in addresses to ensure accuracy.

Financial & Banking Verifications

Whether credit reports; bankruptcy checks; asset checks; bank account verification; company credit reports or any other required information, we have the expertise to find the right set of financial risk information. These are provided within applicant and consumer consent and in full compliance with data privacy regulations around the world.

Professional Licensing

From healthcare to transportation, we verify professional licenses through the appropriate and applicable licensing board. We confirm the date of certification, type of license, license status and expiration date, and/or the license number and renewal date.

Association & Membership
  • Corporate and individual membership in trade associations
  • Professional or corporate licensing above what is required to do business