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About Canada


  • Criminal Record Search 
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit Check
  • Driver’s License (all provinces except for Alberta)
  • Sanctions
  • Identity (SIN Verification)
  • Address
  • Civil Litigation
  • Directorship

All Requirements:

There is a specific form required for criminal record checks (CPIC), credit checks, and driver’s license checks in Canada. For employment, need dates of employment, job details, dates, and title.  For education, need copy of degree, school details, degree attained, and consent for all checks. 

Signed consent required:


Required forms:

Signed Consent 

Applicant provided forms:


Turnaround time:

2 to 5 days


Background screening is allowed and a common practice in Canada, contingent hiring acceptable, consent required.

Best Practice

Varies depending on position, but recommend criminal record check, employment, education, credit, and SIN verification.


Criminal Records Act (Memorandum of Understanding with police services), Privacy and Policy Act.


Driving record (Alberta). For criminal, if a record is found, the candidate must fill out a self-declaration page, and it then must be resubmitted for the police to confirm that the record is found.

Consent & Release

Standard letter of authorization


Need dates of employment, job details, dates, and title


Candidate details, copy of degree, school details, dates of attendance, major, graduation date, and degree earned