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ID Document Validation


Detect sophisticated counterfeit documents

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ID Picture Validation


Authenticate picture matches individual

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Validate ID Number


Validate the alphanumeric format of any government issued ID 

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Identify Anyone from Anywhere in Real-time

ID Document Validation

Using a team of document specialists to examine suspected counterfeits coupled with analysis of the data coded on the ID, only catfishID has the ability to detect sophisticated counterfeit ID documents which have been tampered with and altered.

  • Counterfeit IDs
  • CREDIT CARD IDENTITY (CCID) Validate Credit Card Identity (CCID)
  • Auto-populate ID biographic information to eForms

With many organizations completing hundreds of thousands, and often, millions of manual transactions a day, this feature can save tens of millions of labor hours, while generating zero input errors.

Picture Forensic Validation

AFDA technology forensically examines identity documents and reliably detect counterfeit and tampered ID’s. Accurate Facial Recognition engine compares the headshot on the ID with a selfie of the customer behind the transaction. 

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Matricula cards
  • Passports
  • Visa’s
  • Under 21
  • Military IDs
  • Operators Permits
  • PIV1
  • TWIC
  • CAC

ID Alphanumeric Validation

Validate Alphanumeric Format of ANY Government Issued ID Number from around the world.

Organizations validate identity documents of customers to be assured they are not transacting with individuals who may pose a high risk of money laundering, fraud, bribery, and corruption. 

  • Instantly Validate Alphanumeric Format of ANY Government Issued ID Number from around the world, giving you global identity validation through a single integration
  • Conducting real-time Sanction, PEP, SIP, global watch and international risk lists checks on customers ID’s and get notified immediately when an alert is generated

Documents Supported: Visa’s, Matricula CardDriver LicensesState IDs, and virtually all Government Issued IDs worldwide