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Media & Adverse Media

Social Media Search

An innovative and compliant search of online media for publicly available information and verification

Global Adverse Media

A global search of all media on the internet returning any and all cases of negative media coverage

Local Language Media

Global search of media that covers national and regional sources 

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Social Media Search

An innovative and FCRA-compliant way to gain insight into potential employees’  personal and professional characteristics through their online presence. Reports are stripped such that protected-class information remains protected and out of users’ view.

A comprehensive report of an applicant’s publicly available online presences. Information that will not be disclosed in an interview. From how well an applicant writes about the subjects they “like.” A much greater picture of an applicant’s positive and negative qualifications. Information that is not compliant is redacted and protected, out of the users’ view. 

Local Language Media Search

A Local Language Media Search uncovers information that would never be discovered if relying only on your native language and media sources. Once media is discovered, the results are translated into the language of your choice.  

Global Adverse Media Search

A historical and current search of global media worldwide. An Adverse Media Search delves into: 

  • News Reports
  • Periodicals
  • Newsletters
  • Directories
  • Trade Reports
  • Corporate Reports
Our global sources have archived billions of adverse historical information that are no longer available online. This search is one of the most powerful tools for conducting Due Diligence. It validates negative information and uncovers media coverage that can only be discovered through an Adverse Media Search.