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Pangeodata Demos Streamlined, Transparent Global Screening Platform at PBSA

Atlanta, GA – September 08, 2017 – Pangeodata, an experienced provider of global screening products and identity verification, will demo their automated and intuitive platform for background screening at the 2017 Annual Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) Conference. The company, which officially launched the rules-based platform in March, expands the capabilities of traditional consumer reporting agencies and allows them to screen applicants, vendors, and partner companies anywhere in the world. The system Pangeodata will demo streamlines and standardizes this global screening process in order to keep companies in line with government regulations while maintaining a simple user experience.

The Annual PBSA Conference highlights a variety of subjects integral to the background screening industry, with sessions covering topics such as technological innovations and the changing legal landscape. The system Pangeodata developed exceeds expectations on both fronts; with a focus on user-experience and compliance, the rules-based platform simplifies background screening for today’s worldwide workforce while maintaining compliance with regional and in-country data privacy regulations. Pangeodata’s network of searchers in over 200 countries and territories across the globe provides consumer reporting agencies with the global reach necessary to mitigate risk in a modern-day business environment that sees professionals moving across borders, contingent hiring rates increasing, and the sharing economy becoming mainstream.

The company, which comprises experts with over a century of global screening experience, delivers identity screening and due diligence solutions to their customers, in addition to streamlining the process with best practice guidance derived from their in-depth knowledge of the complexities of worldwide regulations. “The transparency that our screening platform offers to our clients is what’s particularly unique about this system,” says Jennifer Oros, Pangeodata’s COO. “Companies unnecessarily associate global screening with risk; they want to be certain they’re receiving accurate, compliant results in a timely manner. In addition to being forthcoming about anticipated turnaround times, Pangeodata contracts with vetted in-country searchers to deliver trusted results and verifications.”

The annual conference will host hundreds of attendees in Orlando, Florida from September 17th to September 19th. Pangeodata’s experts will be on hand at booth 105 in the exhibit hall to demo their screening platform.

About Pangeodata:

Pangeodata is a trusted global identity intelligence company, helping companies to make informed and immediate hiring decisions; conduct due diligence when entering into business relationships with customers and partners; and mitigating financial and compliance risks. Pangeodata delivers trusted solutions by combining the best mix of technology and expertise. Products are delivered via user-friendly global rules-based processing platforms that ensure accurate and fast results. Backed by a team with decades of data, regulatory, and compliance experience, Pangeodata provides solutions to customers worldwide. For more information about Pangeodata, please visit www.pangeodata.com or call +1 888 885 5099.

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