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Pangeodata Launches Automated Rules-Based Global Background Screening Platform

MARIETTA, GA – March 16, 2017 – Pangeodata announced today that it has launched its innovative, automated, rules-based processing platform for global background screening. The user-friendly and intuitive system keeps companies compliant with all country-specific and regional-specific data privacy regulations while searching and verifying records in 196 countries. The company’s product expands consumer reporting agencies’ global capabilities, allowing them to screen applicants anywhere in the world.

“This is the smartest platform available for global background screening.”

The Pangeodata automated platform is particularly suited to the evolving landscape of and the rapid changes in the modern-day workforce, such as professionals moving across borders, increasing adoption of contingent hiring, and the growing peer-to-peer sharing economy. Large global companies with tens of thousands of employees in numerous countries can also utilize this platform for audit controls and centralized corporate compliance, while still leaving decisions at the local level.

The Pangeodata system provides the best practices for the selected countries and selected services. The background screening services Pangeodata offers include: criminal record checks, sanctions searches, previous employment verifications, education verifications, reputational media verifications, and several other verification services. Pangeodata will provide not only what’s legally allowed in each country, but their compliance experts will offer advice to partners on the best practices and packages by country, based on the particular needs of the client.

Pangeodata’s operations manager, Jennifer Oros, an industry-expert in global background screening and data privacy regulations, has previously developed global verification systems. She commented on the benefits of the technology: “This is the smartest platform available for global background screening. In addition to being a rules-based system, which provides all of the requirements upfront and eliminates the unnecessary back-and-forth between candidates, clients, and screening analysts, the whole process is transparent to all parties. Streamlining the process with a user-friendly, transparent system means quick turnaround times and trusted verifications.” 

The platform, combined with the Pangeodata staff’s years of expertise, keeps companies compliant while making informed hiring decisions. Oros adds, “Our goal is to empower partner companies to verify the best and brightest candidates anywhere in the world as efficiently as possible by providing a frictionless and trusted global background screening service.”

About Pangeodata:

Pangeodata is a trusted global identity intelligence company, helping companies to make informed and immediate hiring decisions; conduct due diligence when entering into business relationships with customers and partners; and mitigating financial and compliance risks. Pangeodata delivers trusted solutions by combining the best mix of technology and expertise. Products are delivered via user-friendly global rules-based processing platforms that ensure accurate and fast results. Backed by a team with decades of data, regulatory, and compliance experience, Pangeodata provides solutions to customers worldwide. For more information about Pangeodata, please visit www.pangeodata.com or call +1 888 885 5099.

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