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The Screening Industry is Going Global

With Pangeodata as a global partner, so can you!


Pangeodata is focused on providing our customers and their applicants the most convenient, accurate and secure processes for completing orders and transactions. In order to accomplish these objectives, Pangeodata is focused on flexible technology solutions that work for our customers. 

Pangeodata is in the process of developing leading technology solutions for a rapidly evolving data-driven world requiring immediate and intelligent answers. 

Our proprietary web ordering rules-based platform is unique for global background screening and due diligence. The system easily enables customers to submit, retrieve, review, audit, and manage the complete background screening process on a global basis. The proprietary rules-driven engine enables the intuitive and efficient process of ensuing that orders are automatically managed as quickly, securely, and accurately as possible. The platform is a cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) solution that connects our customers, our solutions, and our partners around the world as effectively as possible.

For the rapidly increasing sharing economy world, Pangeodata is focused on delivering simple integrated solutions to our customers that meet their needs for speed, quality, and security. As a result, we are focused on technologies that enable easily API integrated access for specific orders or for packages of orders. 

Pangeodata is constantly evaluating and developing value-added technologies to ensure that we are leveraging the best solutions in the world. These consist of analytics, machine learning, and unique data fusion solutions. Watch this space!